Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rabble-Rousing, just for fun...

rabble-rouser (-ro̵uz′ər)


a person who tries to arouse people to anger, hatred, or violent action by appeals to emotions, prejudices, etc.; demagogue

There are those that would accuse me of this and I suppose I "should" admit to it but I just can't bring myself to do it.

I do spend quite a bit of time spreading information designed to incite, arouse or just plain piss people off with the current sorry state of our government, our country and those people that have come to power.

(Note: I sometimes, inadvertently, post or refer to a piece of data that turns out to be "wrong" or even a blatant lie. For this I humbly apologize. It is NEVER my intention to spread a lie, I have found there to be just way to many truths about the Obama thuggery to ever need a lie. I just didn't get far enough in my research or trusted a source a little more than I should have.)

I want people angry but mostly I want them alert. Hatred is a wasted emotion, violent action needs to be saved for self defense and a last effort. Prejudice is unacceptable in any form, except when it is used by the left, against the right. I more than welcome this and we on the right take a battering from it. (may I have another please?)

I welcome it because it causes damage to the left, every time they play the "Race Card" and its fairly funny.

I like to point that out... just a little bit of rabble rousing (got to stay in practice) ;-)

If you step back and take a good look at what is going on RIGHT NOW, the left has turned into a collection of shrieking, paranoid little girls. Any statement made opposing the health care take over and the assault on American Liberties sends these drones into a frenzy of howling about "racism".

Why is it always "racism"? Because its the only thing their "Dear Leader" gave them. he was very careful in the beginning to make it very clear that anything said against him should be decreed "racism".

I know way to many people that submitted because they greatly fear being called a racist.

"Just Words"

Now when I speak, when I point something out that is likely to incite harsh feeling, arouse people to anger, I'm called a racist.

I found that to "become" a racist, all I had to do was exercise my rights to free speech and free choice and vote for the white guy... That's it. I weighed the choices, found Hussein Obama wanting in many many areas and chose the old white guy. I'm now a racist...

AND, a "rabble rouser".

Oh Well.

I found another term that seems to mean, in our troubled times, almost EXACTLY the same thing. A term that describes a person that uses emotion, hate, prejudices, etc to arouse strong feelings and what may become (has become lately) violent actions.

Community Organizer.

Think about it.


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