Saturday, April 3, 2010

I don't care... The Obama Tool responds

An Illinois congressman who ignited a firestorm of controversy this week for telling a town hall audience he's "not worried about the Constitution" on the new health care law said his comments were "taken completely out of context."


Sure Phil, ya sniveling bastard. I saw the video, I heard your words, I saw your reactions to the interviewer, Adam Sharp of the St. Louis Tea Party.

I saw and heard your treachery.

I saw you tuck tail and run like the coward you and your kind are.

You were completely out maneuvered, Sharp got you to admit your position on Health Care and now you want us to believe that what anyone can see is a strait forward statement, (probably one of the few times you've ever been honest in your life) is OUT OF CONTEXT? How the hell can it be out of CONTEXT? We heard what you said and how you said it.

You are once again depending on the stupidity of your constituents to carry you through your own big mouth mistakes.


With no interest in being "fair" at all, I'm still going to post Phil Hare's YouTube reply to the tea party video. (I bet this one don't go viral the way your first show on the subject did Phil.)

Groveling for Dollars:

The Fox New Article I got this from is here:

When you're done watching this drivel, watch the one I've got posted below it... Remember These videos are untouched. Remember he helped sell your freedoms and liberties down the river.

Remember, November.


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