Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Moving forward in AZ.

I met JD Hayworth several years ago at my dad's 80th BD party. He came by to present several medals to dad that the Army had lost in their paperwork. I think he was honestly thrilled to be there, presenting medals to a long ignored old warhorse like dad. He and I spoke for quite a bit while he scarfed down some cake. I liked him. Those that know me, know I NEVER use that phrase lightly.

Still, I'm a John McCain fan, though I'm VERY disappointed in his performance in the 08 elections AND his stand backing Amnesty for Illegals, that he recently (publicly) reversed in support of Jan Brewer. This election in November is gonna be tough.

I think it's time for John, whom I feel has done a good job all in all, to retire, but I'll put him right back in office before I'll support ANYONE wearing the tag "Democrat" (Socialist) You Democrats need to take your party back, before you present a candidate to ME.

JD is behind in the poles right now, behind even the Socialist candidate but as we know, these next couple of months can make all the difference.

Pay Attention Arizona, we might have a real conservative running for congress. Well, someone "more" conservative.

I'll be making my decision on who I'm going to support soon.


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