Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just another wanker.

I'm amused.
No, really. Tonight is just really special. Let's start with THIS.
I haven't been here for a while, I've been busy. 2011 sucked and we are still trying to dig ourselves out. Tonight I got a troll comment on my last post, it was pretty funny and I thought I would share a few thoughts on it.

As I tried to log in with my default browser, (Firefox) I was informed that it was no longer supported by Google and was ask if I would like to try Chrome.  Soooo... as I tried to log in with Chrome, I was informed that my browser was no longer supported by Google and was ask if I would like to try Chrome...  HEY GOOGLE? Put the fucking PIPE down!

Trolls.  I got a comment on my last post here, one that I titled: To stupid, to pour piss out of a boot. It was pretty typical nonsense, blah blah blah, I don't agree with you because you've insulted me. (Hell, that post was an insult to pretty much EVERYONE)

Anyway, He/she/it started by telling me that before I called EVERYONE else an asshole, I should make sure that *I* don't look an asshole... UH...  I very carefully reread that post and I only used the word "asshole" once and that was in reference of the Asshole in Chief, Oblahblah. This person should always be referred to as an asshole.

Next, (being generous and helpful) to help me "not" appear an asshole,  he sited my use of the English language and gave me an example. There are no examples in the post of his example but there is already a pattern starting to show. Then of course, I'm not English and going back almost 400 years my family was never English, then we became Americans and that was that.

THEN he went into a rather weird thing about Newt that I can only equate to desire... Shudder.

Has anyone besides me noticed that the only thing nastier that an O-bot is a Paultard? (just wondering)

This troll appears to be from here at blogger, there is a blog listed in his posting information. I didn't go look at it, I'm not all that interested.

Shrug, I spammed the comment.

The picture above is a pretty fair representation of the typical O-bot, Paultard troll, so I thought it would be fitting to use it.

From the Highway and byways of America.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

To stupid, to pour piss out of a boot...

Over the last 10 years or so, I have slowly been becoming convinced that the world was doomed. Mostly after Jan, 2000, I've become convinced that the American people we're becoming more and more stupid with each passing day. I see the complete bullshit some of you... LARGE numbers of you, watch on the "moron maker" (AKA Television) and call "entertaining" and I start to wonder. Then what some of you so called grown ups call "music"... yeah, there is an eye opener.

THEN, there's politics, a place that few of us, (myself included) should even venture, if we were smart that is. Politics is helping to convince me that it's over, we should just jump in the hole and pull the dirt in after us. We've watched for years and people have intentionally done things to harm this nation, right in front of ALL of us and yet, there are still people willing to vote for their own destruction. I would have no problem with that, really, as long as they were the only ones that suffered. But it just don't work that way.

Then in 2008 some of you people voted for one of the sorriest human beings ever seen outside of a prison cell, you screamed racist every time someone even said "What did he mean?" You hurt people, lied, cheated, committed fraud, violated  laws concerning the most sacred of American rights, just to get a man totally unqualified in the office of the president. I was pretty convinced that YOU at least, were to stupid to avoid lightning. Man was I wrong... 3 years later, a disastrous 3 years later, 3 years that proved Obama was not the man for the job and in fact may have criminal, Un-American intentions, there is still more than one person that think he's done a good job and would vote for him again.

OK, you people are to stupid to fuck.

THEN, comes the useless, smelly hippie idiots that #OCCUPIED everyplace EXCEPT the place the problem existed and the place it started, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC. The guy that caused the most of these issues with his union supporting giveaways, LIVES THERE, and you helped put him there, so you should have known that. But again, you're just stupid. When people ask random hippies on the streets what they were hoping to accomplish, there were never 2 stories the same, even in the same group. These  un-permmited, mostly illegal, squattings were openly supported by the communists, the Nazis, the unions, disgusting members of congress, Islamic terrorists and terrorist organizations, Red China, whining Hollywood scum,  the list goes on and it gets worse, ending with the asshole in the white house.

I was 99.99% convinced that this planet is doomed because Americans had finally LOST IT...

No... I found that last .01% tonight...

The wife and I were making turkey and mayo sandwiches, there, on the back of a name brand, big name Mayo like Kraft (or Hellman's) is the instructions... the DIRECTIONS... to make a sandwich... no, not a special sandwich with some nifty new ideas for fillings. Just a sandwich. Ham I think...

and in the end, when they showed YOU, (because I don't need such help) only one piece of bread (which they helpfully numbered as TWO), didn't have mayo on it... it was still dry. But yet, a major industrial concern that has been around for a long, long time felt that you needed help... making a sandwich...

With this final .01%, I'm convinced. most of you have made stupid into a whole new art.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

99% of nothing, is still nothing,..

On the left you see the total capacity of the left in their attempt to gain, (once again) what they don't deserve.

Let this be the icon of the Occupy Movement, AND the new Icon of the Democratic Party in the US.

I think it more than represents the juvenile sniveling the rest of us must deal with as we move forward.

This group claims to be "The 99%" of America, they claim o represent ME and YOU. While they are using stolen ideas, protesting some of the same things the Tea Party have been protesting, even going so far as to compare themselves to the Tea Party, the picture above gives proof of the lie.

I seriously doubt that they even represent 99% of the 20% (20% being an approximate on the numbers of true liberal in the US population, it's probably much lower) even liberals are finding that they are going to have to do something for themselves in order to survive the mess they helped get us into.

To the liberals: the picture above is how we are going to remember you. I intend to see it so.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Look for the union label...

I always do and when I find it, I put the product back on the shelf and find another one.

I have dozens of stories about unions and their utter failures here in the state of Arizona. The many times I had to work on the same projects with them. Or the money I made, "back in the day", cleaning up projects after the IBEW.

Now they are supporting the economic failure of major industry here in the U.S. just to keep their pockets full and their power base in place.

Way back when, unions served a vital purpose in labor here in America, but today, everything they did back then, is covered by law. They are not doing anything but driving up prices on everything from food to American built cars. Most of you know the damage done in Detroit by the UAW. It extends to almost everything in our stores.

We can't avoid unions in many things, cars, airlines, education, communications, etc... not without making it clear to other union companies, we've had enough of the union idea of "fairness".

So, look for the union label and when you find it, put it back on the shelf.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Wasted Vote Lie, Lie.

Have you ever noticed that the term "Wasted Vote" or similar terms never show up until election time? I suppose that make sense in an abstract kind of way... but have you also noticed that the only people talking about it AND how there is "no such thing" is third party supporters and candidates?

I recently had a "debate" with a Libertarian" candidate named R. Lee Wrights on facebook. I'm pretty sure Mr. Wrights has somewhere between hysterical laughter and no frigging chance of getting his party's nomination, much less EVER getting through the general election. (Mr. Wrights lost this debate and I have the screen shots)

There is such a thing as a wasted vote. It's unfortunate but that's the way it is. Period
Look, I fully understand the thought behind it; "It's my vote, I have the right to express it as I wish." I agree, 100%, but if in 2012, you vote outside of the established "2 party system", meaning Republican or DemocRat, you will be expressing your opinion to an empty room.

For a conservative this is dangerous, you waste your vote on a party that has no chance of winning the election, we could very well end up with 4 more years of the same super corruption that we've been dealing with since the election in 2008.

For a liberal, it would be the same kind of irresponsible bullshit that we've come to expect from you. However, in this particular instance I believe liberals should divide their votes between the green party, the American socialist party, Micky Mouse and those Libertarian people. That way your irresponsible behavior only effects the idiots you normally support.

Now, there is a lot of "talk" among conservatives about this guy Ron Paul being the only "answer". I disagree, for several reasons.

His naive view of a Nuclear armed Iran is only the most recent reason on my list but it, by it's self, is more than enough for me. I don't want this guy in charge of a cross walk, much less America's security and/or Nuclear arsenal. He might actually be more dangerous than the idiot in the White House now.

There are other reasons that are not "just" about Ron Paul but about the whole "libertarian" viewpoint. I'm not going to support any group of people that makes noise about legalizing drugs, just to get votes from the younger generations. I certainly would not vote for that mind set if I thought they were serious.

The following quote will pretty much sum up the rest of it:

War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. The decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse. The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.

John Stuart Mill

English economist & philosopher (1806 - 1873)

Many of us, understand that quote, Ron Paul and his supporters, (and others, looking young votes) do NOT. At least there is no evidence of it.

This post is about wasted votes and how they really do exist, about how you could very easily waste yours, even though its your right to do so. It's about how third party candidates are not in the running for president or anything else, because they fall outside of the established requirements. I fully believe that there shouldn't BE a wasted vote, but there is. It sucks, but its there and we can't ignore it, if we do, we are going to only increase the suffering.

This is a post about wasted votes and making the right decision, no matter how we feel it should work or what the third parties are telling us.

It's kind of strange how I ended up with Ron Paul, isn't it?

Vote your opinion as you see it, you do so at your own peril.

And everyone else...

Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Amusing how some people "hate the rich".

If the wealthy have earned that money, they deserve every dime of it. Period.

It used to be called the American Dream.

I'm just a common man, a working man. I work for a rich man, a rich family, a big money company.

My check clears the bank every week. I have more than enough work to do with an endless amount in the future. I'm in the top of my industry, placing me in the, say, top third of today's non-existent middle class. This money is not given to me, I work for it in ways that 98% of this population can't picture.

I have NEVER, EVER been hired by a man on welfare. NOT ONCE. These people are of no use to me or anyone else, including themselves.

The tax dollars that I pay out are in part wasted on public programs that offer no return. The System was presented as a way to get people back on their feet. Instead we have generations of people that think they are entitled to our tax dollars for no other reason than they are alive. This is encouraged by the "I hate the rich" do-gooders in our society, in fact it's necessary for them to do so. (See November 7th 2008)

There is a large portion of our general population that are not paying taxes. Want federal revenues? Tax them.

There is another portion of our population that contributes in no way yet receives a monthly portion of my tax dollars. Stop paying them for doing nothing.

There are others that don't belong here, 20 million at last count. yet they have access to my tax dollars too. In fact, they have better access than people that DO belong here but don't do anything for it. Stop paying them. Stop teaching their children, stop feeding them, take away their excuses and they will go home.

Corporations can and will create jobs, when it is feasible to do so. There is more profit in it. More profit, more jobs. I've seen this work, over and over. (I saw it because I took part in it, I was watching and not listening to people, who in their own interests want us to believe otherwise)

SOME companies will continue to send jobs out of the country because they can get Modu to work for pennies a week in Bongo Bogo land, instead of paying honest and fair wages here in the USA. Tax the living hell out of these companies, before a single one of their products are allowed back into the US. Then place a tariff on those products. An unreasonable tariff. In very little time we will get one of 2 results, the jobs come home or the company can't compete and goes down, to be replaced by a home grown company. Win/Win for us.

Oh... SCREW foreign companies with a broken bottle. If we can make it here, it should be made here. If it's not made here and we don't BUY it, someone WILL make it here.

We did this to ourselves by thinking its cool to own European cars, furnish our homes in crappy, ugly European furniture, drink imported wines and beers and feel superior to those of us that buy American.

Can we spend our way to prosperity?

The question it's self is undeserving of an answer... can you screw your way to virginity?