Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Arguing with liberals...

What follows is the end of a Facebook debate with a former coworker.

Much younger than I, far, far less experienced, not only in the "world" but in our still great, (but threatened) nation, he still feels that he has a valid social opinion. To make things worse, he's not just a liberal, but is a socialist. (or at least fashionably claims to be)

Understand, this is a debate based on a status update that said:

"since the world seems to be losing its mind and trying to walk even further to the right everyone post your favorite quotes from 80's leadership!"

I spent the next 45 minutes or so gleefully posting Reagan quotes... ;-) the good ones. I ended with the best one I know of concerning libtards:
Its not that our Liberal Friends are wrong, its that they KNOW so much, that isn't TRUE.

I can't even guess at the number of replies between he and I that ensued, when I made a point, he skipped over it and went to some other banality, indirectly blaming Bush, the Tea Party, blah blah... ( I will allow that he never used the obscenity "Tea Bagger", to his credit.)

This is the last entry I made. it bounces but you can kind of follow the rest of the "debate" from it.


its pretty amusing how you skip over the meat of the issue and fall on the bullshit I write.

Like the bit about world history and socialism. "SKIPPED"

The part about Lieberman and my friend John... Neither of them are Conservatives, "SKIPPED".
BTW, I, Like most conservatives I know, didn't vote "for" McCain, we voted against Obamawa. Because he lacked the credentials to be the president. One look at his track record of failure as a senator was all I needed.

It becomes clear to many of his supporters, every day.
40% of the "Tea Party" are registered Democrats or independents. (No, I'm not a member of a Tea Party Organization)

The bit from the Reagan quote about Communism. "SKIPPED"
Do you actually know the differences between Marxism, Socialism and Communism?

I ignored the part about immigration, mostly because it gives you the chance to use the conditioned response of "Racism" or "Bigot". (You should thank your Master "O" for giving you that out to almost any argument btw. Most of the time its all a liberal has.)

I grew up with the children of illegals. They are and were, some of my best friends. I'm positive you could never grasp my take on immigration. I've never met a liberal yet that can. But I'll not support amnesty for invaders.

George Washington was building a Nation, Immigration, legitimate immigration, was a key element to that building. You liberals are only trying to build a power base using the broken people of shitty little 3rd world hell holes.
Note the term "using the people". How enlightened of you as a group.

you skipped over the part about abortion the instant you learned I had an unexpected opinion on it. But I'll define it for you, Roe vs Wade has to GO, and not because I hold some bullshit moral or religious revulsion for it.

But because it's just plain bad legislation and under the 10th amendment, it's illegal legislation. It's up to the states, PERIOD.

There is a complete copy of the constitution on my person at all times. It reads the same today as it did so long ago. Its written in plain English so that ALL can understand it. It is not a changing or living document, this nation, that has worked so well for so long, through our system of checks and balances, along with constitutional simplicity, only works because it works.

Skipping major points of a debate is hardly a sanctioned method of winning that debate, it worked for Hussein #youfailed Obama only because the press allowed it to. That might have been OK with you, But not with me.

This is a nation of choices, if you choose to support or finance the dregs of our society, the undeserving and useless, then by all mean, I support your right to do so. I'll even help you find away to give them all your money.

I demand that you support my right to totally ignore them. I will continue to support those that contribute to our society, not leach from it.

This debate ends here.


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  1. Reading this post just reminded me that libtards are basically elementary aged school children. In the midst of picking a fight they revert to name-calling, taunting and ignoring any salient points that actually answer the original argument.
    When faced with the truth (which is what they HATE) libs will do their best to plug their ears & holler "lalalalalalalalala" hoping to drown out what they fear recognizing. As long as they can continue to live in a fantasy world where someone else takes care of the problems & they can go about living their lives they don't have to care about the consequences. And that's a huge problem!! Because the libs continue to act like children they have no concept of the consequences of their selfish actions. Just wait 'til the looters turn on their own...then libs everywhere will raise the hue & cry "We didn't know....why won't you save us". Unfortunately at that point it will ill-behoove we conservatives to say "I told you so" because we'll be too busy dealing with the fallout & keeping our own houses in order.