Friday, March 19, 2010

To an unexceptional world, Greetings

Greetings oh unexceptional world, from an Exceptional American.

I would like to show some sympathy, to tell you that I know how you feel, but the simple truth is, I DON'T.

You hate me, because I'm beautiful, because I'm free, because I'm "rich", because I'm American...

Because I am, we are, Exceptional.

Might just suck to be you.

Those that seem to hate us the most? Not amazingly, Europe. Over the last 250 plus years we have taken from Europe its very best, its very brightest, its Exceptional. They are ours now, and they are now, Truly Exceptional. Now, mostly, whats left in Europe is the genetic descendant of those that were to slow, to un-motivated, to cowardly or just to stupid to come HERE.

Bloodline tells the whole story.

Oh, now don't get your bloomers in a bunch, we have attracted the very best from all over the planet. There must be a reason for that. It just seems to be those that were left behind that hate us for it.

It's not like we stood on the corner and offered candy to little girls... OK, we "have" done things like that... But we didn't hold a gun to their... uh... OK... that too... Well we didn't... uh.. never mind.

Hey, being exceptional is hard work!

But lets take a quick look at what this hated, arrogant, exceptional people really means to the rest of you unexceptional types.

Many of you that are free today, even a little free, (because you will NEVER be this free) are because of the direct actions of men and women that are or were exceptional, in a country of exceptional people.

Some of you are free today, not because of anything we have recently done, but just because we ARE. Just because of our very existence. Pretty arrogant huh?

Live with it.

Then there are those of you that are alive because of the wealth and generosity of these arrogant and exceptional people. You live, your parents lived and your children will live because WE are exceptional.

Not you, WE.

Today we are a divided nation, there are those of us that are exceptional and truly BELIEVE we are and understand WHY we are and those that for reasons we just can't fathom, refuse to be exceptional. The fact that WE are exceptional was a gift to us from those that came before us. They gave and gave and gave, some gave absolutely everything, that all of us could be free. It's just that WE also became exceptional. (and you didn't) These people among us that refuse to believe, are really starting to bum the rest of us and we may ship them to you. There are still people on this rock that would be very happy to come here and be with us. (and be exceptional)
We are addressing this mess and will be right back with you.

The sorry piece of meat that is currently masquerading as our president even went as far as to fly around the world, on our money and time and apologize to YOU, because WE are exceptional... even you must be able to see... well no, I guess not...

Let me straighten that our here and now, the idiot in chief, (this guy is on the way out, forget him) had no business apologizing to anyone. We here in American owe apologies to no-one on this planet for anything we have ever done.

Frankly, being American mean never having to say "We're Sorry". With real Americans in charge, it means "We're NOT going to"

And so, yes, it really sucks to be YOU.


This is an unfinished work, random thoughts jotted down because I'm so sick of being maligned by half wits like Hussein Obama. I'll clean it up when words are flowing better. I'm more interested in trucking tonight.

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