Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Go Obama Go...

Unreported by the mainstream media, President Obama just completed the anti-American trifecta:

He's the 1 st president in 110 years (there have been 110 games in history) to miss the annual Army-Navy football game.

He's the 1 st president EVER to not attend any Christmas religious service.

He's the 1 st president to remain on vacation after a terrorist attack.

How proud those who voted for this idiot must be!

Yeah, Go Obama, go straight to hell.

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  1. Hey there --

    I stumbled upon your blog via a pretty tangled mess of political commentary.

    I'm definitely a fan of your liberalism and general old-school American thinking, but a lot of what you're copy/pasting is flat-out wrong. Fact check before you hit publish, and in general, you'll come off as a credible source, rather than a disillusioned, bitter, Palin-ite.

    Start with Snopes.com if you're looking for an easy way to differentiate between public hysteria and fact.

    Again, I'm not criticizing, and I agree with a lot of what you say, but it takes away from our argument when you start parroting falsehoods that are passed off as fact in chain emails from grandparents; I don't like getting tarred with the same brush when I try to speak out about ACTUAL American conservatism and morality.

  2. Eh... Busted Spreading Hate and Discontent...

    I'm seriously considering using your comment as the basis for a "real" post instead of something I did indeed "copy and paste".

    I'm not defending my actions (at least, not in this case) but understand that I was fully aware that I should have done a fact check before I published.

    I'm short on time and adding content that causes people to THINK is my goal... even if it "might" be slightly skewed. Don't get me wrong, I disapprove of that kind of journalism, but for this instance, consider it akin to "reverse discrimination"

    I'll do better this weekend as I will have some time to sit and write and have a few things to say that come directly from my mind.

    If there is a way to fact check "THAT", well, that's just scary.