Saturday, August 7, 2010

Would you vote for this man?

NO, not if he had the same weak ass, socialist record that this last idiot in the white house has.

OH... wait! its the same GUY!!

I know a lot of you DID vote for him, without knowing a single thing about him. Because he wasn't "Bush"... Even though most of you can't produce a single valid reason why you thought Bush was running for a 3rd term...

We even warned you that he would do exactly what he has been doing, but you listened to "voices" of "hope and change". Hitler ran on a platform of "hope and change" and we KNOW how that ended up...

You're just fucking stupid I guess.

Hello, I'm a Racist (and a CRACKA)

I'm a racist for a very simple reason... I stand for something.

Race, Racism, whatever, has been over used as a gesture of hate from the left for way to long now. It has made it to the point that it has changed meanings.

Sorry, all you "repressed" people of "color", the very people that have fooled you into believing they were trying to help you, created this change. Its never been about you, its always been about POWER... THEIR POWER.

You were just a stepping stone to get them there. Well you have officially been stepped on and forgotten. Time for you to get off your government issued sofa and pick your own dead ass up. Those that swore to you that they would get you all you deserve have done exactly that, they got political power, money, etc... you got nothing.

Racism today no longer means that we hate or discriminate against a specific color of people, or a specific class, it means we stood up to and spoke out against a socialist dictator wannabe and his sniveling lackeys.

He just happens to be BLACK... sort of...

Just so you know, I don't like his white half, anymore than I do his non-African, Muslim/Arab "black" half.

Neither does more than 70% of America today.

I know of a tall tree...


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