Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ass on the spot...

Speaking of course of THE ass, Barack, Hussein, Oblahblah.

I'm not a huge listener of Talk Radio, I prefer classic radio for entertainment and company while I drive the long miles.

However, I DO listen to the Cam and Company show on XM Patriot. Cam Edwards is a spokesman for the NRA's news side and has a pretty good show.

Yes, he's right wing, I would not give him the time of day were he not, but more important, he's speaking for the NRA and the battle for gun rights.

Anyway, back to the subject, Asses on the Spot. A commercial played during the 3 hour spot in the evening was for Sean Hanity in which Sean makes some VERY interesting statements;

Democrats up for "re-election" in November are running from Obama, (he carries the touch of death for most campaigns) dis-associating themselves from the NAME or WORD Democrat, dis-associating themselves with OTHER Democrats, dis-associating themselves from the ISSUES... Well, ok, pause there, Democrats don't know shit about the ISSUES to begin with, and certainly will not TALK about them, so it's not that big a stretch...

Several people have basically called bullshit on these statements, these are ALSO Democrats, dis-associating themselves from the truth and the evidence of their own eyes.

For you here in Arizona, (you know, that hateful, racist place in the southwest...) take a close look at the next corner full of campaign signs you drive up to. Republicans, at the very least, have placed the Elephant logo on their signs. Democrats? Nadda... NOT a dam thing denotes the party affiliation of these people on 99.9% of these signs. There is ONE candidate, a woman, running for chief cook and bottle washer somewhere (and expecting a gubberment paycheck for it) didn't seem to get the memo...

Pretty sneaky? naw, not really. Its pretty simple, if you don't see an Elephant logo or the word Republican, You are looking at the typical disingenuous behavior of a liberal socialist democratic sorry ass excuse for an American or a human being. IGNORE these people, they are Democrats, meaning they are the PROBLEM. They are lying and not even speaking.

We want you to use YOUR head, take a close look at those that are not ashamed of their leadership (as they should be) or the Marxist way those lost Americans have sold their souls to.
Look at the rest of them closely, find the conservatives and get on the train,
You here in AZ, we need to get JD to Washington.



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