Sunday, August 29, 2010

How hard can this really be?

No, really.

Liberals/Progressives per their own numbers, make up less than 20% of the voting public. (this does not include dead people, serial voters, acorn hacks or other criminal elements)

As you know Liberal/Progressives HATE capitalism, really really HATE it.

They also hate white people, (especially if they themselves are white)...

Come to think of it... they seem to hate everything. (starting with themselves)

I Digress;

In order to protect the 20% from the rest of us hate filled, war mongering, racist, bigoted, xenophobic, greedy, selfish, capitalistic, freedom lovers, I have a plan.

Ignore them.

Pretty simple heh?

Let me explain. (These are steps that I am already undertaking and have DONE)

Its easy, if I can do it, almost anyone could figure it out. (minus the 20%)

Is there a small business in your area that you have always used? Store, coffee shop, laundry, etc...?

The owner sport an Obama sticker on their Volvo?


WHAT could be simpler?

Ask your conservative friends to do the same. If you really want to make an impression, inform the owner of said business of WHAT and WHY.

His/Her/It's next question will of course be "WHEN?".

The answer is "When you no longer suffer from capitalism and close your doors."

Yes, I've already taken these steps myself, I've had to stop going to a couple of places I used to really like to go.

Fuck you liberals and your master.


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