Saturday, January 16, 2010

There's Blood in the Waters...

And the sharks known as the "Main Stream Media" are beginning to circle!

In angry articles I wrote right after the disastrous election in 08, I called for and predicted the utter collapse of the Democrats and the total failure of Barack "Hussein" Obama. I did temporize my ranting by stating that we only needed to stand by, wait, then point. They would do the rest themselves. So far, So good.

Take for Example the first year of Obama's "reign". Total disaster, trillions of wasted tax dollars and not a damn thing to show for it. Still in Iraq, Gitmo still open (as it should be), the war in Afghanistan spiraling into the toilet because of inaction and the trade mark waffling of the so called "Commander in Chief", numerous intelligence failures due mostly to the handling or mishandling by the White House, resulting in more terrorist attacks, (failed I admit, but not from any actions by our people) the list is endless, depressing and proved me right.

And that's only the actions, inaction and failures of ONE of them.

Other Congressional Rats are jumping ship, almost weekly now, as the true nature of their own sorry chances for re-election presents itself. There will come a time when we begin to call for criminal prosecution of some of these people. This is their final chance to do the right thing and take their own lives. It would save us millions in legal fees.

Now, as a campaign for a special election in Massachusetts looms over the Dems, the press, smelling the blood in the water, turn and strike like the bottom feeders that they are. Papers unworthy of having a puppy pee on them or a bird crap on them are suddenly posting (or allowing the posting of) opinions and factual reports that they have suppressed for a long, long time. News Services that said not a word during the "vetting" of a candidate for president, suddenly find their voice.

I could go on about that stuff for hours, look into it yourself, unlike the way many of you "vetted" your president and find your own surprises. I get the giggles, a 280 lbs trucker with the giggles is NOT pretty.

The end draws near... at least for the Democrats in Massachusetts and for the monstrous Health Care scam being shoved through Congress.

Scott Brown, a Massachusetts state Senator has risen from a practical "nobody" to a massive threat to the sick dreams of Obama and his stooges. (not forgetting his Masters, whom ever they prove to be) If Brown can win this election and its looking pretty good, he will end the 60 vote majority stolen by the Dems with the crooked election of Al "funny man" Franken in Minnesota. That task being complete, he has promised to help filibuster and kill the Health care scam for good.

Massachusetts, a state where Democrats out number Republicans 3 to 1, has lurched away from Brown's opponent, at times in what seems clearly to be revulsion. Factor in a report that claims Independents now out number both of the other parties and you have the building of a disaster for the "party of change". (may their suffering never end)

Barack Obama, "the one", after tossing $100 Million into the natural disaster in Haiti and promising his undieing love and support to the Haitian people, abandoned them to race to Massachusetts to protect his Health care interests in Congress. Oh... were you under the mistaken idea that he went there to help Coakley? Foolish little lib... He took with him the 3rd largest idiot in recent history, Bill "I did not have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton. Clinton was assigned the unenviable task of being in charge of the U.S. efforts in Haiti. Of course he went to Massachusetts...

The press, the right, the middle and even the left, watch with growing concern, all for different reasons.

All we had to do, was sit and wait, then point. The liberal press is doing the pointing for us, right through the blood.

This whole incident pulls the blanket off of things that more of the people should have seen in 2008, had they been looking, had they listened to people that refuse to believe the party line, regardless of the party. I'm sure Jimmy Carter is secretly very relieved that he will now, not have to die as the worst president in American history. Massive amounts of money and fraud found a worse one. (by the way Jimmy, Obama is BLACK... you idiot)

I honestly don't think a President, with the record of failure, the fall in popularity, the wild uncontrolled spending, the lies, the *snicker* "transparency", the waste, the economy, the jobless rate, etc, etc, etc, etc... (all in less than his first year in office) will being doing Coakley any favors by stumping for her.

But then, that's not why he's there.

We're glad you showed up Hussein.

Its never to late to help end the Health Care scam and the partisan Democrat control over the Senate.
Scott Brown for U.S. Senate
Donate, talk to friends, just do what you can and the road back opens a little more.


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