Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get it right, Evil is EVIL.

Someone once said to me, "I can't believe you would honestly compare Obama to Hitler!"

I could not believe it either, I certainly had never done any such thing.

Hitler has become the embodiment of everything that is evil on this planet, in our recent history. His attempted eradication of the Jewish people, his brutal enslavement of most of Europe, the murders of millions (Besides the Jews) of his political enemies. His high handed murders of direct rivals to the leadership of the NAZI party. (See Night of the Long Knives) the suspected murder of his own niece Geli, (that he was rumored to be banging for fun, in the early days) on and on and on. There are VOLUMES written on this man and the evil he "became". I'm not gonna even get CLOSE here.

But... years of studies involving military history and the men that waged war, have given me an insite into people and certainly into leadership and maybe, just a little, into evil.

Hitler Won the Iron Cross, 1st AND 2nd Class, in WWI, the Emperor didn't hand that out for "community organizing" or making Oprah's panties damp.

Adolf Hitler, as near as I can tell, was a Patriot, he loved his country with a passion that may have led him to some of the most evil acts of our time. But he was a believer. He was quite likely one of the biggest homicidal maniacs that ever lived, but he loved his country.

Nut case or not, that says a lot for the man he WAS, for how he started out anyway.

Hitler was always an anti Semite, from as far back as I can find writings on him. Does that make him bad? Of course it does, but then, there are members of my own family that absolutely HATE blacks and Mexicans. In all other ways they are good solid, upstanding Americans that you could trust with your life and fortunes, PERIOD. Just this one flaw... (yes, it exists even today. We are full of shit believing we are so enlightened...) Racism seems to be environmental as much as it is anything else.

In his life, he experienced ups and downs, struggled as an artist in Vienna, saw some success and as much failure, he held jobs and worked for a living as a sign hanger/painter.

Hitler was a leader, had some background in leadership and had a plan.

Hitler NEVER apologized for the actions of Germany, EVER.

Hitler was NOT a German, he was an Austrian, but then, he never tried to hide that.

Hitler, only in the last dark days of his pitiful dreams, spoke derisively of the German people, but never before and certainly not during his campaign to be Chancellor.

We will never know what drove him to the insanity he inflicted on the world, perhaps it was hiding there, under the surface, all along.

For all that was wrong with him, he was what he was.

No, it shocked me that I was accused of Comparing Obama to Hitler, I had never done any such thing.

Good or bad, Obama can't lay claim to even ONE of the characteristics above. Not a one.

There just isn't anything to compare, for all his evil, Hitler just might have been the better man.

But then, the Choice between two evils, is no choice at all.


I'm sure this will piss a few off, but not for the reasons you might suspect, very few give a DAMN about Obama anymore, those that do, well, they were lost to start with.

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