Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ignore the Cause...

THIS, was a Christmas gift, from of all things, a liberal and an Obama supporter.

Utterly fucking amazing.

No, its not amazing that I was given a bottle of booze and a book, she knows me pretty well. Not even the title of the book or the subject matter is surprising,though she knew I could have written the book myself.

The book is "How to Survive the end of the world as we know it" by James Wesley, Rawles founder of the SurvivalBlog, a fantastic resource.

None of that is amazing at all, the woman knows me well, knows I love information of this type, (the views and opinions of another survival instructor are always useful) and she knows I'm a sucker for a bottle of top end whiskey. What took me by surprise is a bit complicated, but it came next...

I never, ever, pass up a chance to mention to ANYONE, what a total and complete failure Barack Hussein Obama is and that was BEFORE he became president of the U.S.A. What he has accomplished since is mind boggling, (not a damn thing) he hasn't done a single positive thing since the ELECTION, never mind the from the time of the oath. The United States would have been far better off just closing the white house for 4 years, the results would have been better.

During the course of the night, she once again told me how much she liked Obama, I of course laughed and ask her what I ask all of them, "So, what is it you like about him? Could it be his long list of accomplishments? His love of the United States and its people? How about the way he has honored his oath of office?"

ALL liberal respond to these questions in exactly the same way. Anger. They can not refute the charges I make or answer the simplest of the questions. I of course, got smacked, its ok, she has whacked me for almost 30 years now when I stymi her. I kind of like it.

Still not the surprising part. The surprise came next. "SHE", the liberal, the Obama supporter, told me that she feared the immediate collapse of our society and as the oldest male in our "group" and with my survival knowledge, it was my responsibility to see that the rest of the group was prepared.

Wait... you see whats coming, (and I don't disagree with this vision) yet you fail, nay, REFUSE to acknowledge the CAUSE? You fear the effects of your own delusional politics and want me, a Right Wing nut-job, a reactionary, a member of "The Mob" to save your ASS?

Shrug, ok.

Its what guys like me do, its what we have to do when faced with cleaning up after people that suffer from mass hypnosis and in many cases, just plain stupidity. People like me fight the wars that you complain so bitterly about, though it was our choice to fight them. We stand up and say whats on our minds, while others hide behind the wall of "Correctness" we say what you want to say, but lack the courage. No, the only time you can speak out against anyone or anything is when you talk about US.

Needing a rescue? A knight on a White Charger? AGAIN?


This time, its gonna cost ya.


authors note: I have found this in almost all parts of the country and as a long haul trucker, I do visit ALL PARTS. Its not just my friend, I see liberals all over that are starting to react the same way... "the end is near, but the we refuse to admit that WE helped usher in the cause." ("Now, get off your Conservative ASS and SAVE US")

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