Wednesday, October 12, 2011

99% of nothing, is still nothing,..

On the left you see the total capacity of the left in their attempt to gain, (once again) what they don't deserve.

Let this be the icon of the Occupy Movement, AND the new Icon of the Democratic Party in the US.

I think it more than represents the juvenile sniveling the rest of us must deal with as we move forward.

This group claims to be "The 99%" of America, they claim o represent ME and YOU. While they are using stolen ideas, protesting some of the same things the Tea Party have been protesting, even going so far as to compare themselves to the Tea Party, the picture above gives proof of the lie.

I seriously doubt that they even represent 99% of the 20% (20% being an approximate on the numbers of true liberal in the US population, it's probably much lower) even liberals are finding that they are going to have to do something for themselves in order to survive the mess they helped get us into.

To the liberals: the picture above is how we are going to remember you. I intend to see it so.

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