Friday, September 30, 2011

Look for the union label...

I always do and when I find it, I put the product back on the shelf and find another one.

I have dozens of stories about unions and their utter failures here in the state of Arizona. The many times I had to work on the same projects with them. Or the money I made, "back in the day", cleaning up projects after the IBEW.

Now they are supporting the economic failure of major industry here in the U.S. just to keep their pockets full and their power base in place.

Way back when, unions served a vital purpose in labor here in America, but today, everything they did back then, is covered by law. They are not doing anything but driving up prices on everything from food to American built cars. Most of you know the damage done in Detroit by the UAW. It extends to almost everything in our stores.

We can't avoid unions in many things, cars, airlines, education, communications, etc... not without making it clear to other union companies, we've had enough of the union idea of "fairness".

So, look for the union label and when you find it, put it back on the shelf.

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