Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stand on principle, or stand aside!

Bradley Rees is not "my" candidate. Unfortunately he can't be.
I live in the heat of the Arizona desert, Bradley lives in the wooded beauty of Virgina. We could not be farther apart in our locals and in the lands we love. I think our dis-similarities end there.

We believe in a free America. In a place formed, shaped and promised by the works and deeds of men long gone to their maker. We are as effected by those deeds today as men were in the 1770s.
For me, it is well worth the fight we now fight. I'm certain that Brad feels the same way.

Both of us are working men, from working stock, the builders and shapers of this country. This is the first thing that draws me to Bradley. His solid belief in the principles that created America is another.

I bumped into Brad briefly tonight, online, he left me with a link to a speech he gave in Danville VA. on the 24th of June. Its a long read and worth every moment of it.

This speech separates Bradley from the "run of the mill" candidates that we have suffered with for way to many years.

"To explain, briefly, our political system is broken. The entire concept of the lifelong public servant has been a destructive force in this country, for the most part. A person becomes entrenched in the constant backbiting and convenient campaign promises that soon become broken ones through “no fault of my own.” These are precisely the age-old political staples that have led to the lowest Congressional approval ratings in recent memory. These people we keep sending back to Washington are not public servants in their own minds, but rather see themselves as our masters."

As I said, its well worth the read and I encourage you to take the time.
Given in Danville VA 24 June 2009.
This is the Speech that he "kicked off" his run for congress with, powerful stuff Brad!

Those of you looking to help rebuild the conservative base in congress, well here is a damn fine place to start.
Bradley Rees for Congress


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