Friday, July 3, 2009

Independance Day, on hold.

For me at least.

I'm a long way from home today, sitting in what I consider to be a socialist stronghold in the free United States. I would much prefer to be down in Arizona with the wife and kids or at the very least over in Oklahoma with other family.

But, this is not what has me down today.
Today is not the first Independence Day that we celebrate as a nation in duress, sadly there "could" be at least three more.

Today and over the past few months, our most trusted public servant has been going out of his way to embarrass us and apologize to our enemies and so-called "Allies" alike, for our so called short comings and past actions. (mostly the times we defended ourselves or others)
At one point, he even "BOWED" to the leader of a nation that I believe helps to finance those that would do us harm.
Can you imagine, the PRESIDENT of the United States bowing to ANYONE? Not even someone as undeserving as Barack Hussein Obama should bow to anyone on this planet.
And to top it off, his wife, the woman that has never be proud of her country and in fact has shown nothing but disdain for it, proves her distaste for us today.

She's in Moscow Russia. (probably getting new orders for Hussein)

No, its just as well for me that I am a long ways from home, in the back of a truck stop, writing.
I would not be much fun today at a party.

I wanted to go to the Teaparty in Tucson today, I have friends speaking there. I encourage you to go to one. I would if I could.

Enough of my frustrations.
Happy Birthday Americans.


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