Monday, June 15, 2009

No matter what, I can't bring myself to care

From November 4, 1979 to January 20, 1981, Islamic radicals held 52 Americans, members of the American Diplomatic mission to Iran, HOSTAGE. After a long delay, orchestrated by the only man that "might" have been a worse president than the one we suffer with now, a military mission failed drastically. It's failure resulted in the deaths of 8 American soldiers and one Iranian civilian. Iranian civilians celebrated in the streets over the deaths. Our people were returned to us after 444 day in captivity, literally moments after Ronald Reagan took the oath of office. They knew full well who they could push around.

In September of 2001, a group of Islamic radicals flew civilian airliners, loaded with civilians, into civilian targets inside American cities. Yes, I know they also hit the pentagon, where most employees are civilians. (don't make excuses for these animals) Most of us remember that all over the Islamic world, people CHEERED and celebrated in the streets. They were celebrating the brutal murders of American citizens. Men, women and children. I specifically remember images and film from Tehran.

We have known for years that Iran harbors and finances Islamic terrorists. They are doing it today, as we sit and watch the riots on TV.
Riots? Sorry, I meant elections...

We accuse Obama and his flunkies, along with criminal organizations like Acorn of "stealing" the 2008 election in favor of a badly unqualified, incapable candidate. The Iranian election was a joke, a dog and pony show for the sake of the world view. Theatrics to convince the world that they are worthy of even being considered a civilized country.

Were you surprised that this election was rigged? I personally don't find it surprising at all. I don't find the riots and reported violence in the streets surprising, I don't view the reports of "police" firing into crowds surprising at all. NOTHING vile happening in Iran is in the least surprising. The people in this region have been cheerfully murdering one another for a 1000 years or more.

Today, good Americans react to the news coming from Iran. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has retained his seat as"president" and people are outraged and surprised. There are reports that ole Mahmoud placed a sad third. This handy bit of news comes from the Iranian press.(mostly) How soon we forget the likelihood of a press organization to lie to promote its own agenda.

People here in the U.S. protest the the Iranian people are being denied the right to freely assemble, to voice opinions, etc etc.
These are AMERICAN rights, not Iranian rights. They honestly have very few rights that they can keep.

These are a people that raise their children to hate us here in America. They train young men and women to detonate themselves in streets filed with civilians. They lustfully cheer when Americans die. The more cowardly the attack, the better they like it.

These people are the enemy, I can think of them as nothing more than that.
Through years of hate, deceit, murder, cowardliness and racial, theological bias, they have made their own bed.

Let them lie in it.


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