Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dear John

Dear John,


Senator McCain...

"We the People" read this in the news;

"By unanimous consent, the Senate passed a resolution a short time ago apologizing for slavery and racial segregation." You seem to finally be on a roll and in agreement in what has been a very partisan house of congress.

So.... While You and whats his name seem to be intent on apologies that don't need to be made...

(Congress has formally apologized to Native Americans, to Japanese Americans for their internment during World War II, to Hawaiians for overthrowing their king, and for never enacting anti-lynching legislation. Plus Obama's apologies for everything bad that has ever happened to anyone if there was an American within 20, 000 miles...)

How about you and your "friends" also apologize for:

The overbearing and incomprehensible tax code that has driven hundreds of thousands of jobs to leave our shores.
Government intrusion into the lives of private citizens.
Ignoring both the letter of and the spirit of the US Constitution and the intentions of the founding fathers.
Not stopping the run away problems and just plain bad idea of "Sub Prime" mortgages, when you had the chance. (and had been warned)
Failing to insist that economic policies that worked, stayed working. Policies that you yourself, "foot soldiered" for.
For, through inaction and corruption, allowing our electoral system to fail its people
Enslaving our great grand children to a national debt that had far simpler solutions.
(a personal favorite) for not ensuring Osama bin Laden's head was on a pike on the White House lawn.
For allowing partisanship to overshadow the well being of America.

How about, since you people are great about apologizing to people that don't have one coming, how about you require Barbara Boxer, one of your own, to apologize for scolding Brigadier General Michael Walsh, for calling her Ma'am, instead of "Senator". General Walsh EARNED his rank, he and she, are not even of the same "class".
For allowing ANYONE, to even suggest that I, as an American, should not own a firearm.
For allowing a sitting US president to circumvent the Constitution and the law with "Czars".
For not openly recognizing that America has enemies and pointing them out.
For not thinking of these items and thousands of others, yourselves.
For apologizing in the first place.

In late 2001, all of congress took to the capitol steps, stood behind George W, (both literally and figuratively) sang (badly) of the greatest nation on earth and swore to "set things right". That song, as badly done as it was, was sweet music to patriots and was a song of death to our enemies.
You allowed all of us to believe that there might actually be hope for you and for us.

There are an uncountable number of things you "might should" apologize for and it is time for you to take to those capitol steps again and apologize for your greatest sin of all;

For believing that "We the People" were so stupid, we didn't notice.


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  1. Well said, Terry. Their apology set me off as well and now African American leaders are talking reparations. I as an African American find the discussions an insult to my intelligence and waste of our taxpayer dollars. Btw, Clinton apologized about 15 years ago. From where I sit, said apology will be used to steal more taxpayer dollars under the guise of reparations.

    I DO NOT WANT OR EXPECT REPARATIONS, but I do want an above standard education for our American children, black and white. Such education must be scaled up instead of dumbed down. I want the history books to reflect the FACTS instead of marxist dribble.

    We as Americans deserve better as do our children.