Sunday, January 29, 2012

Just another wanker.

I'm amused.
No, really. Tonight is just really special. Let's start with THIS.
I haven't been here for a while, I've been busy. 2011 sucked and we are still trying to dig ourselves out. Tonight I got a troll comment on my last post, it was pretty funny and I thought I would share a few thoughts on it.

As I tried to log in with my default browser, (Firefox) I was informed that it was no longer supported by Google and was ask if I would like to try Chrome.  Soooo... as I tried to log in with Chrome, I was informed that my browser was no longer supported by Google and was ask if I would like to try Chrome...  HEY GOOGLE? Put the fucking PIPE down!

Trolls.  I got a comment on my last post here, one that I titled: To stupid, to pour piss out of a boot. It was pretty typical nonsense, blah blah blah, I don't agree with you because you've insulted me. (Hell, that post was an insult to pretty much EVERYONE)

Anyway, He/she/it started by telling me that before I called EVERYONE else an asshole, I should make sure that *I* don't look an asshole... UH...  I very carefully reread that post and I only used the word "asshole" once and that was in reference of the Asshole in Chief, Oblahblah. This person should always be referred to as an asshole.

Next, (being generous and helpful) to help me "not" appear an asshole,  he sited my use of the English language and gave me an example. There are no examples in the post of his example but there is already a pattern starting to show. Then of course, I'm not English and going back almost 400 years my family was never English, then we became Americans and that was that.

THEN he went into a rather weird thing about Newt that I can only equate to desire... Shudder.

Has anyone besides me noticed that the only thing nastier that an O-bot is a Paultard? (just wondering)

This troll appears to be from here at blogger, there is a blog listed in his posting information. I didn't go look at it, I'm not all that interested.

Shrug, I spammed the comment.

The picture above is a pretty fair representation of the typical O-bot, Paultard troll, so I thought it would be fitting to use it.

From the Highway and byways of America.


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