Saturday, August 6, 2011

It's Amusing how some people "hate the rich".

If the wealthy have earned that money, they deserve every dime of it. Period.

It used to be called the American Dream.

I'm just a common man, a working man. I work for a rich man, a rich family, a big money company.

My check clears the bank every week. I have more than enough work to do with an endless amount in the future. I'm in the top of my industry, placing me in the, say, top third of today's non-existent middle class. This money is not given to me, I work for it in ways that 98% of this population can't picture.

I have NEVER, EVER been hired by a man on welfare. NOT ONCE. These people are of no use to me or anyone else, including themselves.

The tax dollars that I pay out are in part wasted on public programs that offer no return. The System was presented as a way to get people back on their feet. Instead we have generations of people that think they are entitled to our tax dollars for no other reason than they are alive. This is encouraged by the "I hate the rich" do-gooders in our society, in fact it's necessary for them to do so. (See November 7th 2008)

There is a large portion of our general population that are not paying taxes. Want federal revenues? Tax them.

There is another portion of our population that contributes in no way yet receives a monthly portion of my tax dollars. Stop paying them for doing nothing.

There are others that don't belong here, 20 million at last count. yet they have access to my tax dollars too. In fact, they have better access than people that DO belong here but don't do anything for it. Stop paying them. Stop teaching their children, stop feeding them, take away their excuses and they will go home.

Corporations can and will create jobs, when it is feasible to do so. There is more profit in it. More profit, more jobs. I've seen this work, over and over. (I saw it because I took part in it, I was watching and not listening to people, who in their own interests want us to believe otherwise)

SOME companies will continue to send jobs out of the country because they can get Modu to work for pennies a week in Bongo Bogo land, instead of paying honest and fair wages here in the USA. Tax the living hell out of these companies, before a single one of their products are allowed back into the US. Then place a tariff on those products. An unreasonable tariff. In very little time we will get one of 2 results, the jobs come home or the company can't compete and goes down, to be replaced by a home grown company. Win/Win for us.

Oh... SCREW foreign companies with a broken bottle. If we can make it here, it should be made here. If it's not made here and we don't BUY it, someone WILL make it here.

We did this to ourselves by thinking its cool to own European cars, furnish our homes in crappy, ugly European furniture, drink imported wines and beers and feel superior to those of us that buy American.

Can we spend our way to prosperity?

The question it's self is undeserving of an answer... can you screw your way to virginity?

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