Saturday, January 1, 2011

Some people's kids.. Dumb as a hammer.

Naw, I'm not talking about Biden, though he makes a hammer look like a Noble winner in Nuclear Physics. No, I'm not even talking about the treasonous son of a bitch that "somehow" got elected in 08.

I'm not really even talking about the misguided and poorly informed children that supported Oblahblah in 2008.

I'm talking about ANYONE stupid enough to continue the Bush bashing, counter productive, socialist rhetoric they were programmed with, TODAY, after almost two years of constant failure by Oblahblah and his pet stooges in congress.

You can still support this idiot? You still BELIEVE that he has the answers?
I wouldn't let the bucket of shit order a cheese pizza, because I can PROVE to you he'll fuck it up.

On a forum I sometimes post on, I inserted the above image. Now understand, there are one or two whining little liberal "girls" on this forum that get sand in their snatch every time they realize one of the rest of us malign their lord and master. One of them even goes as far as to "claim" to be neutral and to conduct herself as such. Typical lying liberal. Position is used to further her very fragile (and childishly STUPID) beliefs. By the way, "Politics" are not allowed on this Forum. (unless you are a buddy of or agree with, this "Neutral" Mod)

Back to the image: The thread is about the WikiLeak Debacle and how the as yet un-punished criminal is upset that "someone" released private information that might harm his trial...

Poor little rat... I'm sure that Oblahblah will somehow come to his rescue... or throw him under the Socialist/DemocRAT bus as it slowly expires its way by.

One of the snivelers (one that probably reported a post of mine as racist to the "neutral one", it wasn't but got edited anyway) Replied with THIS:
Well, it's not as good as a president with an IQ somewhat equivalent to that of a turnip or a vice-president who shoots his friends on hunting trips for fun, but they do what they can, I guess.

This little boy (or whatever) still thinks the election was about Bush...
(this planet truly is doomed)

I posted that picture in the spirit of the thread, Irony. What goes around comes around. This person, that I don't know "personally", took it as a slight to his or her personal god.

Every morning that I wake up, you can consider a SLIGHT to YOU and your personal god.


I personally hope Assange is hung for Espionage... We do still execute spys. He is only the tip, there are any number of treasonous bastards that have been feeding information TO Assange,, with in our own gubberment. I won't get my wish, I'm certain, in my own mind, that Assange works for the Oblahblah Administration and will never face the fate that he as well as the treasonous bastard that he works for, deserve: a wall, a blindfold and an unmarked grave.

Piss off a liberal a day , EVERY day, in 2011.

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