Sunday, May 16, 2010

Secure The Border

Arizona has become the center of a renewed national focus on border security and illegal immigration since Governor Brewer signed SB1070. For too long the calls to Washington have been unanswered and the border remains unsecured.

However, instead of taking action to help, the state has come under attack by people who are misrepresenting Arizona’s laws and trying to hurt our efforts to support the rule of law. They include President Obama, Al Sharpton, the East Coast media, and political strategists who are trying to use the issue of illegal immigration for political gain.

The calls for boycotts and misrepresentation of Arizona’s law only hide the real problem – the need to SECURE THE BORDER. We’re asking citizens from across the United States to stand up in support of Arizona and the need to secure the border.

If you want to stand up with Secure the Border - Support Arizona, please join us in showing your support by adding your name to the petition.


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